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Manhattan Chiropractor Combines the Best of the Best!

Serving Manhattan, Midtown, Clinton and the surrounding NYC areas since 1996

For a chiropractor in Manhattan who provides a whole body approach to health, and who is committed to discovering the cause of your problem, Innate Chiropractic of Manhattan is your answer. Here we strive to function as a primary source of healthcare without the use of drugs or surgery. And because we focus on the whole body, we don’t think of you as simply a spine, or a rotatory cuff, or a hamstring!

Chiropractic • Physical Therapy • Cold Laser Therapy • Nutrition • Applied Kinesiology • Massage Therapy

Dr. Jason Piken states, “The people who get the best results are the people who are the most committed to getting healthy!” We can help on that road by offering a combination of the best of chiropractic, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, laser therapy, massage therapy and cranial sacral therapy at our Manhattan chiropractic office. Dr. Piken is also a Certified Nutritional Specialist and a Practitioner of Applied Kinesiology. Offering a multitude of services is just one thing that sets Dr. Piken apart among other Manhattan chiropractors.

Innate Chiropractic of Manhattan located in the heart of NYC, just below Central Park

Practicing in the heart of New York City, just below Central Park, Innate Chiropractic of Manhattan is proud that chiropractic is the only profession founded on the premise that when your innate intelligence is allowed to communicate with your physical body, healing will occur. Explore our site to learn more, then give us a call!